Character Kid of the Month

  • September is Citizenship: Be an informed, responsible and caring participant in your community.
  • October is Respect: Show high regard for self, others and property.
  • November Responsibility: Be accountable for your own behavior.
  • December is Kindness: Be kind, caring, considerate and generous to everyone.
  • January is Perseverance: Stay with a task and do not give up.
  • February is Fairness: Demonstrate impartial, unbiased and equitable treatment for all.
  • March is Honesty: Be truthful in word and action
  • April is Caring: Show concern for the well being of others.
  • May is Teamwork: Learning to be an effective communicator and being able to work together as a team.
  • June is Leadership: Be a leader in your class and on your team. Stand up for what it righ

Congratulations to the students recognized in April for Caring/Empathy... Gwen Angelino Emma Samlis Philip Isenberg Reed Wells Asher Dean Claire Samulis Charlee MacHenry Amelia Brown Nolan Dillon Lyla Ghionni Cassidy Chestnut Averie Cunningham Trinity Crump Helena Kuhlen Nadia Pitzner Perrin Bomgardner Andrew Gutkin Quinn McAteer Alaina Dean Dakotah Spisak Ella Samuel-Siegel Matthew Simeone Emaline Spanier Jackson Zalkind Bobby Saxton McKayla Duffy Danny Furlong Declan McGlynn



K-C Sophia Hanchey Desmond Maista
K-S Greyson Stadler Julia Teesdale
1-W Jonah Castor Anthony Fratto
1-L Abby Jecmen Rory Anderson
2-H Grayson Gallese Julian Elton
2-A Aidan Kelly-Hernandez Keira Kuhlen
3-A Alex Carr Max Linaris
3-S Sophia Ventura Evan Barr
4-LI Julia Hannigan Emma Engel
4-LU Gianna Giordano Maya Lange
5-BO James Robinson Ally Lovett
5-BA Caleb Davidson Emaline Spanier
6 S MyKynzee Smith-McFadden Sebastian Koehn
6 H Grace Simons Jack Ball


Emma Wolfe
Emma Wolfe